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The Story of Chicken Candy

Mrs. Edith Brusteldi, shortly before her death in 1918 from a custard explosion.

The Chicken Candy story starts on a cold winter's day in 1908, when Mrs. Edith Brusteldi was cooking dinner for her husband Enrico and their children. Mrs. Brusteldi was finishing up a batch of her award winning fried chicken at the same time that she was melting some chocolate in a double boiler to make a dessert topping for her homemade ice cream.

Suddenly, Mrs. Brusteldi slipped on a wet spot on the floor. She flung her arms in the air, losing the grip on the drumstick she was carrying. The chicken arched through the air, and landed smack in the middle of the melted chocolate. Mrs. Brusteldi, thankfully, was fine after the fall. But then, a magical moment took place.

She reached into the pot, and removed the drumstick, now covered in hot melted chocolate. Figuring that her dinner was already ruined, she took a bite. And thus was born Chicken Candy. Mrs. Brusteldi was amazed at the combination of sweet chocolate and crunchy, salty chicken. She quickly dunked all the rest of the chicken into the chocolate, and served it to her family to great acclaim.

Over the next 10 years, before her tragic death in 1918, Mrs. Brusteldi perfected over 100 chicken-based confectionary delights. But her genius died with her, her recipes going to the grave with their creator. Or so it was believed.

That all changed when a year ago, Kristen Bruno, the founder of Chicken Candy, Inc., was browsing at a yard sale. She came across a cookbook in a cramped, slanted hand. Yes, it was Mrs. Brusteldi's handwritten cookbook, containing her magical recipes. After trying them at home, Ms. Bruno recognized that the world needed to taste these incredible candies, and immediately formed Chicken Candy, Inc. to bring the SaltySweet™ taste of Mrs. Brusteldi's creations to the world.

Today, Chicken Candy, Inc. operates stores in 27 states with over 500 licensed franchisees. You can learn more about our franchise opportunities here. Soon, Chicken Candy will be on the lips of every man, woman and child in America. Somewhere, Edith Brusteldi must be smiling.

Chicken Candy: It's clucking great!™

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