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Our Products

Innards Snack Mix

We start with a mix of chicken lips, giblets, intestine, and thymus gland. The chicken is deep-fried, and coated with our special cinnamon and sugar blend. The result? A sweet and crunchy treat that's great anytime you need a quick snack or a burst of energy!

Sour Livers

It takes over three months to make our Sour Liver candy. Tender chicken livers are pickled in a secret blend of spices and sweeteners, filling each bite with a smooth sour taste. Each one is dusted in sugar to satisfy your sweet tooth. Grab a bag of our award-winning chewy Sour Livers today!

Gizzard Truffles

Our best-selling candy! It's a blend of chicken gizzards, caramel, and pecans, all covered in a dark chocolate coating. Hand packed into special gold boxes, our Gizzard Truffles make a wonderful gift. Buy them for a loved one, or treat yourself today! You won't be able to eat just one.

Fowl Balls

A little bit of Chicken Candy magic in every bite. We take 100% white meat, form it into balls, and then deep-fry it. Then, we add our chocolate coating to seal in the flavor. But be careful, there's a surprise in every Fowl Ball: a liquid schmaltz center! How do we get it there? Sorry, but that's a secret!

Chicken Candy: It's clucking great!™

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